Puss in Boots

What is useful for people, cats? “He complained.” Although Cook and can not eat. “The cat heard and responded immediately.” You’ll see that you have a bad legacy, sir … have

There was once a miller who had three sons. Miller’s son died, a large mill, and the median income of the ass son, the youngest son inherited the cat. Young son very upset this situation.
“Cat people who work, huh?” He complained. “Even though cooking and can not eat.” The cat heard it and responded immediately. “You’ll see that you have a bad legacy, sir. If an empty bag and a pair of my boots, you’ll see what yarayacağımı.”
Of children who open the mouth wide in surprise, the cat did. Cat boots very smug and self-giyince before the mirror of the past. Then the forest in the valley and then take the path of a fresh carrot Marulla beautiful. Bag, opened his mouth in the woods, hiding behind a tree by it in the bag Marulla carrots. Soon the smell of fresh vegetables in addition to a small bag will come, a rabbit jumped into the jump. Cat firmly back out of hiding with his mouth tied bag. Okumaya devam et Puss in Boots

Ali Shepherd

Shepherd, Ali, all day in the mountains, brave Toro sheep graze, to spend time with them playing the flute. Ali is not alone among nature koyunlarıyla konuşmazmış Shepherd. I speak for whom? Kavalını makes it need to talk to him, burn burn üflermiş thoughts.

One day, a stagnant otlatıyormuş sheep to the water’s edge. Its back on the grass at the side of the tree trunk dayamışken, kavalını started blowing out. Slowly, the environment and then spread out long melodies sentimentality. The grass, the long necks of whether this mysterious rhythm started to shake left and right. Mild wind blows them helped. Herbs, grass, reeds salınmışlar backwards and forwards. Them had participated in the daisies and other wildflowers. Complying with the charming, pipe the sound of grass, weeds, reeds, daisies and other flowers tutturmuşlar a dance based on. One right, one left, swing, back and forth, spring up. Okumaya devam et Ali Shepherd

Field Mouse and City Mouse

Voles have been friends many years ago, and the city mouse.They loved each other.  a beautiful friendship was established between them. city mouse field mouse would visit frequently. time happily together in the wilderness. As they want runs, jumps. One day, the city mouse friend had invited to dinner.

-Come to us this evening.

I prepare a nice meal. Feast a little anemia in COPD patients, he said. Delighted with this invitation voles.  The food began to dream of food. All night he cheeses, desserts, cakes seen.  In the meantime, a flurry of the city mouse a flurry of home …Variety of foods, pastries prepared. Stopped running around all day. Field mouse got up and came to the evening.  Looked, food, full of all kinds over the table. Was not missing anything.  Just sat in the table. Started cheerful banquet. Field mice would take a bite of the cake before.  full fork, stretched out, the sounds came from the outside.Escaped the rat hole of the city immediately. Okumaya devam et Field Mouse and City Mouse

The Frog King

The Frog KingIn olden times when wishing still helped one, there lived a king whose daughters were all beautiful, but the youngest was so beautiful that the sun itself, which has seen so much, was astonished whenever it shone in her face.

Close by the king’s castle lay a great dark forest, and under an old lime-tree in the forest was a well, and when the day was very warm, the king’s child went out into the forest and sat down by the side of the cool fountain, and when she was bored she took a golden ball, and threw it up on high and caught it, and this ball was her favorite plaything. Okumaya devam et The Frog King


PinocchioOnce upon a time… a carpenter, picked up a strange lump of wood one day while mending a table. When he began to chip it, the wood started to moan. This frightened the carpenter and he decided to get rid of it at once, so he gave it to a friend called Geppetto, who wanted to make a puppet. Geppetto, a cobbler, took his lump of wood home, thinking about the name he would give his puppet.

“I’ll call him Pinocchio,” he told himself. “It’s a lucky name.” Back in his humble basement home and workshop, Geppetto started to carve the wood. Okumaya devam et Pinocchio