Ali Shepherd

Shepherd, Ali, all day in the mountains, brave Toro sheep graze, to spend time with them playing the flute. Ali is not alone among nature koyunlarıyla konuşmazmış Shepherd. I speak for whom? Kavalını makes it need to talk to him, burn burn üflermiş thoughts.

One day, a stagnant otlatıyormuş sheep to the water’s edge. Its back on the grass at the side of the tree trunk dayamışken, kavalını started blowing out. Slowly, the environment and then spread out long melodies sentimentality. The grass, the long necks of whether this mysterious rhythm started to shake left and right. Mild wind blows them helped. Herbs, grass, reeds salınmışlar backwards and forwards. Them had participated in the daisies and other wildflowers. Complying with the charming, pipe the sound of grass, weeds, reeds, daisies and other flowers tutturmuşlar a dance based on. One right, one left, swing, back and forth, spring up.

Shepherd Ali, first faintly breathed a little life by adding kavalına, more profoundly, in the depths of his heart gave a sigh. More burn, more soulful. At that time, more lush, pipe out of tune. Gained more than a string of mystery and charisma. Waves spread over the whole of nature. Melody, rhythm and expands a long time, wind power has increased, grasses, reeds, flowers and licking. Since the wind bending the necks of those plants okşayışıyla, since a. These are emitted in wind keyiflenmiş. Ali, a charming tune Coştukça Shepherd rampant. It plays Ali Shepherd, nature was dancing in front of the past.

Kavali heard the sound of a small pond. Initially, the soft rhythm as long; later filled to overflowing, as a cascade of emotions. Napping nest hidden in a small fish in the water, suddenly cut out the pleasant melody. Before your eyes yumarak listened. Then, pipe the sound coştukça, duramamış place, twisted backwards and forwards in the water. Tail waved with melody, rhythm. Opened up the tail in the water, tulle veil, the body of water kıvırdıkça advance, return, to dance, fell in love with the sound of shepherd ‘s pipe.

“Who’s playing so good I wonder?” She zıplamış of the water. Tree on the shore, the sight of Ali Shepherd recline, filtered remotely close to the shore.

Ali Shepherd, kavalına thoughts blowing, fluttering even notice that arrive on the coast, beautiful fish jumping. For a moment I dropped something in the water such as the sound comes out, I looked at kavalını stop blowing towards the shore. Is a, one of his lambs, rounded to the lost leg while trying to drink water, perhaps water. At first glance, curious to see if an event such as fear crawled toward the water’s edge.

This time, straight out of sudan beautiful red fish seen fluttering in the air. Small balıkmış voice which, falling into the water “cup,” he. Susunca Kaval for a moment, the wind flowers, grasses, reeds stopped stroking.

Dizemiyle melody dancing flowers, herbs, reeds suddenly halted.

They waited quietly, “What will happen?” He.

Ali Shepherd, bent to the water on the hands, are in a wagered, since a fluttering, wandering lithe movement, saw the red fish. Tulle veil spreading its tail, winding in the water, trying to exhibit all the beauty of the small fish. Ali looked at the Shepherd flutters with love that the little fish in the water, almost cross-legged shore, kavalını started playing. As usual incecikten first slowly, then breeze, reflecting the love breathed into his heart. Coştukça, pipe sound, grass, herbs, flowers and reeds began to swing. Dizemine tune, in accordance with the mystery and excitement, first slowly, then accelerated, in waves.

On one side of the fish in the water witty release of plants on the one hand, the melody, the charming sentimentality on the one hand kavalından Ali Shepherd, scattered nature revealed to …

Birds came cıvıldaşarak branches of the tree. Meanwhile, following the melody dizemine melemişler Lambs. All of nature living in tune emotionality snaking shaken …

Ali looked at the dancing in that nature is playing kavalını Shepherd; He immersed himself in the dance, and more vibrant, more sincere kavalını breathed into …

Weeks of days, weeks, months, chased. Ali and the water’s edge, while a flock of the Shepherd, the sheep and lambs meleyişleri heard bells remote, grasses, herbs, flowers, reeds kucaklaşırmışlar joy. Birds doluşurmuş branches of the tree.Nature great feast is prepared, the water’s edge kavalını çıkarırmış cross-legged shepherd Ali. The soaring melodies, pipe holes in the water first starts a movement, a small red fish jumped in the water, “I’m ready,” dermis. Kavalını Ali Shepherd start to play, closes her eyes, deep inside üflermiş beauty …

One day I looked at the little fish that has done sudan red face, with black eyes just looking at still. Could not bear the gaze of his. Ali Shepherd, perhaps the first time in months kıpırdatıp lips:

– You like it too?

– Yes, I’m in love.

– Then yours is a hopeless love.

– Get, but very nice.

– How come you know?

– Hışırdıyor grass, flowers, whispering, birds, coyly, is an act of nature. Even influenced by soil and water. I’m coming up near the home is out of tune, accompanied by dancing.

– So beautiful you’re swimming.

– I mean, I’ve noticed.

– Especially when you open the tail, the bride is getting kind of veil.

– The tail is very beautiful.

– In fact, everything is very beautiful. Black-eyed curly-haired lambs, small birds, trees, fidgeting, oscillating, waving grasses, flowers, reeds whisper, scattered around in the grass and white daisies, we swam in fresh water, across mountains, desert hills, … They are all very beautiful.

– Nature is very beautiful when pure.

– Want to see.

– Yes.

– I’ve been playing in this beauty kavalımı.

– Reflecting the most beautiful love.

– Just shut my eyes as it comes through me.

– I do not like only come from within. I have the feelings of those melodies, I’m in tenderness. I think others like me.

– I love it too ezgilerimi?

– Yes. “That love of nature” while you say.

– Everyone is in love with everything you think?

– Yes.

– I am in love. Nature. Its sheer beauty of the …

Shepherd, Ali, took the bucket again, her lips began to blow slow. O beauty, as if trying to tell his breath, so used, it emerged that the kavaldan beautiful melodies, all fascinated by nature, the same way you oynamışlar dance together.

Small fish, sometimes holding her head on the surface, sometimes curled up right and left, waving his tail, which accompanied the dancing melody of nature dizemiyle. His ironic stirrings produced, disseminated slowly on the water’s love and love. Ring ring, a wave of …

Shepherd Ali every day, to graze sheep yayınca, leans into the water, fish dururmuş speaks. It takes a very long speeches as they used to, pipe the sound was too soon. No matter what the Shepherd, Ali, and talk that can not play the flute. Patiently waiting for the tune will kavaldan nature, pointing out response to a delay in the voice of tibia. Wind quickly swept the tree between the leaves of cold-whistles, flowers and grass bent to the ground running from his hırçınlığından. Ali Shepherd of the environment, regardless of the reaction, a small fish konuşurmuş love. In happiness …

Loved seeing the little fish a sunnier, more agile in the water çırpınırmış. Fish tired to talk, wanted to play the shepherd Ali kavalını. Then the shepherd Ali, the water’s edge üflermiş kavalını cross-legged. Shepherd, who lived with the speeches of love, happiness, Ali, rang kavalını, all of nature, yet katılırmış melody by dancing. More vibrant than ever before, more sincere. Does not come around here no winter, living in nature with all the enthusiasm always green and full of joy …

One day, progresses towards the head of sheep shepherd Ali and water, along a path in the opposite direction, a man came toward him and görüvermiş. Sharp eyes, he understood immediately that here why.

Remote than this man with a fishing rod that hangs on his shoulder, saw that. The fisherman came here early in the morning for fishing. Ali Shepherd early …

Fishing with rod rests on his shoulder, whistling, while staggered toward him, looked at the shepherd Ali skittish. It passes through the heart of Fisherman multiple hoplamış.Corner of my eye when you look scared, fishing filtered sesizce standing at the end, he knew very well, love the little red fish have been shared. Small fish, caught at weeds, his mouth hung open, çırpınmadan, uzanıyormuş sesizce. Still gauzy tail of endless, wide open, bağıramayan, screaming mouth has not nominated, with dull eyes, and death, and life in a finished environment yayıyormuş silence.

But the fishermen happy, lips büzmüş catches its prey with the pleasure he ‘s stood on whistles. Ali’s eyes suddenly doluvermiş Shepherd. The pain of his heart süzülüvermiş down her cheeks, like twine … smoky eyes, a rapid pace, koşarcasına walked toward the beginning of the water, a hope. Ola, however, another fisherman let him fish. Get their lives in a loving fish. As for the water’s edge, to the water immediately crouched, small fish have been sought through the eyes of …

Mild wind blows, the grass, flowers, trees, even still, quietly bekleşiyormuşlar leaves. Birds began to arrive quietly. More noise, without fuss. The flapping of wings with the branches and put a small bekleşmişler. Shepherd Ali, a plaintive voice, called out to the water, expressed his love,

“Maybe you will hear in the interests of small fish,” he. At the end of Olta get another fish, little fish sudan çıksın own,

“Fear not, I’m here,” he matter, waited. While flowing tears in her eyes, not just the surface of the water remained calm and quiet. What a movement, nor a surge …

Shepherd Ali kavalına wrapped immediately. “Maybe, did not come,” he burns the most sincere melody I started blowing heavy, heavy. Only the nature of the wind gently out of heart. Burns flute sound waves spread, nature, grass, flowers, wandering among the mountains, winding slopes, the little fish, crying and whispered in his love. Sızıyla listened to the melody of a painful nature, pipe …

Unutuvermiş sheep shepherd Ali. When the sheep love, sad shepherd on the mountain village turned to leave on their own, taking out the sound. Ali Shepherd, the water just up to the beginning …

Upon his knees, his mouth bucket, all the pain of his heart was breathed into susmadan. His melodies yankılanmış the darkness of night …

Years later, people came here, saw the silent beauty of nature, water, sat down at the tree resting on their backs, their eyes together kapayınca sürterken issued by the leaves of the tree sound, likened a melody. Lawns, flowers, water, adjust and swing dancing to the sound side of the reeds for agriculture. Birds, another sings, burns, burns, Ali’s love of the Shepherd yansıtırmış stopping tunes. The water’s edge, they have never seen before, since the one that is a red flower salınırmış, since a …

This flower, say in a wide variety of people. Anyone ever seen a flower like him. Had tassels at the ends of the leaves.Tulle, lace, lying curled fringes fluctuating wind. Flower, a long thin tube andırıyormuş. Had a series of black spots on the array. He resembled a flower kavala scrutinized. Wind blew flower curls, swaying reed yayılıyormuş environment sounds like a melody.

Browse this flower,  “Kaval Flower”  they said. Kaval flower, at the beginning of this water, surround alone. Where götürseler, where the train did not articulate. Only at the beginning of this water, self-educated, grown up. The leaves fall in winter, flower dries, the water’s edge dururmuş like a shrub. As for spring, nature wakes up, he silkinir long hibernation, renklenip blossoms, leaves plenty of green tassels çalarmış Shepherd Ali melodies, nature, dance, celebrated as the spring of …

Think of an emotion, whether it is most holy. Endless love and respect for him. Which appears when more than a possibility, you to forget everything. Gidiverirsiniz its pursuit.This trap is captured. What kaybersiniz? A lot. Perhaps everything that …

The fish have learned saklayabilirmiş up to 14 seconds. Then unuturmuşlar everything. Sometimes we have not done so?

Are not we forgetting something stuck in pursuit of everything? What I had left in this case? Eventually we had left the most part, he traces the sacred emotion. It goes on forever memories. He lost feeling.

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