Field Mouse and City Mouse

Voles have been friends many years ago, and the city mouse.They loved each other.  a beautiful friendship was established between them. city mouse field mouse would visit frequently. time happily together in the wilderness. As they want runs, jumps. One day, the city mouse friend had invited to dinner.

-Come to us this evening.

I prepare a nice meal. Feast a little anemia in COPD patients, he said. Delighted with this invitation voles.  The food began to dream of food. All night he cheeses, desserts, cakes seen.  In the meantime, a flurry of the city mouse a flurry of home …Variety of foods, pastries prepared. Stopped running around all day. Field mouse got up and came to the evening.  Looked, food, full of all kinds over the table. Was not missing anything.  Just sat in the table. Started cheerful banquet. Field mice would take a bite of the cake before.  full fork, stretched out, the sounds came from the outside.Escaped the rat hole of the city immediately.  Then he threw vole hole facing difficult. Chucks hearts pounding with fear.    Field mice asked: can cat-house? city mouse, provided the answer: the table were seated again.  But now, Joy ran, became uneasy. Field mice and gave pastry fork this time.

full bite into her mouth to drop, however, have heard voices.Both threw themselves headlong into the hole.  Their faces were pale with fear. Titriyorlarmış fear in one’s shoes.   Field mice had asked:-be mistress of the house?
City Mouse replied: I do not know-maybe he is. Sounds come out through the hole fails.   City Mouse:-I’m sorry. Sometimes such things are happening. Come on, let’s continue our meal, he said.  Field mice:-That’s enough! I do not want the meal in fear, he said. Tomorrow you come to me. No one should eat dry bread, but maybe not scare us.

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