Puss in Boots

What is useful for people, cats? “He complained.” Although Cook and can not eat. “The cat heard and responded immediately.” You’ll see that you have a bad legacy, sir … have

There was once a miller who had three sons. Miller’s son died, a large mill, and the median income of the ass son, the youngest son inherited the cat. Young son very upset this situation.
“Cat people who work, huh?” He complained. “Even though cooking and can not eat.” The cat heard it and responded immediately. “You’ll see that you have a bad legacy, sir. If an empty bag and a pair of my boots, you’ll see what yarayacağımı.”
Of children who open the mouth wide in surprise, the cat did. Cat boots very smug and self-giyince before the mirror of the past. Then the forest in the valley and then take the path of a fresh carrot Marulla beautiful. Bag, opened his mouth in the woods, hiding behind a tree by it in the bag Marulla carrots. Soon the smell of fresh vegetables in addition to a small bag will come, a rabbit jumped into the jump. Cat firmly back out of hiding with his mouth tied bag.
But instead of going directly drive the Puss in Boots to return to the palace said Mr. Rabbit Kral’la that he wanted to meet. Appearance before the king bowed down, “the Supreme Lord, you brought a gift to the brands, sir,” he said. There was so much fun with the king.
Puss in Boots for three months, brought so many gifts to the palace that the king is no longer the eyes of his way. Then finally came the day çatmış Puss in Boots was looking forward to. “Do not ask me why do not you also go and bathe in the river this morning,” said the owner. Puss In Boots, King Prenses’le this morning, knowing that her daughter handed over the edge of the river.

This morning the king’s coach approached the river, passing them desperately Puss in Boots. “Help, help!” He shouted. “Sir, drowning marquis!” A train of the king immediately sent soldiers into the river.

But it has not Puss in Boots. King, Lord of the said river, swimming thieves stole his clothes. (However, Puss in Boots hid his master’s clothes, even behind the bushes!) King of the brands, a suit without delay sent. As you can guess the owner of the Puss in Boots, it was denmesine Marquis, but not surprised to receive voice and even wisdom.

Marquis to take the place of destination beautifully gidirildikten faytonuna the king had invited him and put her daughter. Princess, dressed in dapper fell in love with the brand, at a glance.

Puss in Boots then he ran away from there. Soon he found a great nation, mow the grass in a meadow. “Listen to me!” Shouted he. “The king is coming down the line. He asks who the companies are among the brands, you would tell him, sir. Or doğrattırırım disc!”

Puss In Boots for a while and ran behind the big boys come over to mow a field of wheat. Said the same thing to them. Then again, ran and repeated the same things every person encountered. Then there was the stronghold of the giants.

King of the King’s coach met passers occurrence of Puss in Boots, “Who owns the farms?” He soruyormuş. Takin ‘the same answer every time. King of the Marches, was surprised to have so much land. (So are the owners of Puss in Boots!)

At that time the castle of the Giant Cat Çizmeil another busy translating jobs. “Giant,” said Puss in Boots, Dev iğrendiğini and tried to hide the smell of your breath. “I also say it is a great magical power, right?”

“So they call it, so it is,” said the giant humility.

“For example, if you want a lion dönüşebildiğini say immediately,” said Puss in Boots. I tell you, even in a huge lion dönüştürüvermiş immediately. Puss in Boots thrown himself hard on the closet. Will the Giants again fell on the whole cabinet. “Excellent!” Puss in Boots said. “But I turn into something as small as a mouse is impossible for someone like you should be massive!”

“Is it possible?” He laughed Dev “I could not do anything!” In the mouse turned into a huge, almost swallowed him Puss in Boots.

Then said the king, there was the giant castle. Probably now guess who is the owner of the castle! Puss in Boots welcomed the king faytonunu towards the castle. “Thus, the bride,” he said. “A feast awaits you.” (Scheduled to give a big party, provided that day for a couple of dishes, a friend is waiting for a large table is ready! “)

Puss in Boots at the end of the day Prenses’le Marquis have committed. A week later they were married. What was Puss in Boots? Made it in nine of nine mice in the game inspired a still a need to continue and was not – occasional avlamış it’s not that cats remember …

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