Cinderella MasalıOnce upon a time a lovely girl called Cinderella lived with her stepmother land two proud land ugly stepsisters. They made her work hard all day, and in the evening she had to sit among the cinders. One day the king’s son gave a Ball to which everyone was invited. What an unhappy day that was for Cinderella! She worked harder than ever for her stepmother and two vain stepsisters, preparing their finest gowns for the Ball.

When everyone had left for the Ball, Cinderella sat sadly by the fire and began to cry. Suddenly, in a bright flash, a lovely lady appeared. “I am your fairy god mother,” she said. “Why are you crying?” “Because I want to go to the Ball, but I have no dress to wear,” said Cinderella. “I will help you,” said her Godmother. “Hurry and bring me a large pumpkin, some white mice and a rat.” Cinderella quickly brought the things to her Godmother. Okumaya devam et Cinderella