Puss in Boots

What is useful for people, cats? “He complained.” Although Cook and can not eat. “The cat heard and responded immediately.” You’ll see that you have a bad legacy, sir … have

There was once a miller who had three sons. Miller’s son died, a large mill, and the median income of the ass son, the youngest son inherited the cat. Young son very upset this situation.
“Cat people who work, huh?” He complained. “Even though cooking and can not eat.” The cat heard it and responded immediately. “You’ll see that you have a bad legacy, sir. If an empty bag and a pair of my boots, you’ll see what yarayacağımı.”
Of children who open the mouth wide in surprise, the cat did. Cat boots very smug and self-giyince before the mirror of the past. Then the forest in the valley and then take the path of a fresh carrot Marulla beautiful. Bag, opened his mouth in the woods, hiding behind a tree by it in the bag Marulla carrots. Soon the smell of fresh vegetables in addition to a small bag will come, a rabbit jumped into the jump. Cat firmly back out of hiding with his mouth tied bag. Okumaya devam et Puss in Boots