I Want The Sun

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Masalımızın adı: I Want The Sun
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It is a hot, sunny day . Ali and his mother are in the kitchen. Ali is playing with his toy train. His mother is washing the dishes. Ali is a curious boy. He asks his mother a lot of questions. His mother answers the questions patiently.

“Mommy! I can see the sun now. But why can’t I see it at night?” Ali asks his mother.
“Where does it go at night?”
“The sun goes to the other side of the world at night,” his mother answers.
“But I want the sun to stay with us,”says Ali. “ Please mom! Tell it not to go.” Okumaya devam et I Want The Sun

Bald boy and Emperor – Keloğlan ile Padişah

Keloğlan ile PadişahBald boy and Emperor – Keloğlan ile Padişah

Bald boy got the gold and when he was on his own way he saw a group of people beating up a cat. He said “take this piece of gold and stop beating him”.  He rescues the cat and he and cat start to walk again. A while later, he saw couple of people beating up a dog. He again said “stop it, what are you doing?” and he saves the dog as well. Okumaya devam et Bald boy and Emperor – Keloğlan ile Padişah